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That's it. I no longer want a pony.

From Warren Ellis (via Abraham Riesman on Mother Board):

I’m not suggesting that we can’t do two things at once. But if there were things in addition to space travel that you think could have a similarly massive effect on humanity’s ability to grow as a species…

Curing cancer. Increasing quality human longevity. Induced pluripotential cell treatments. Nailing down that weird neutrino anomaly that seems to allow for faster-than-light communication. The usual shopping list. Also I want an orbital death ray.

I want an orbital death ray!

Also of note: "I realize there’s a narrative that America is all done, and doesn’t make stuff any more, and it’s midnight for the American experiment and all that, but that ignores the basic mathematics of a country with three hundred million people in it. For every bunch of dubiously photogenic fetal-alcohol-syndrome cases from New Jersey who get on the TV for ten minutes, there are ten times as many people at MIT inventing the future."

Mini Swift RC plane

Plane - MiniSwift $60

Batteries - 500mAHr Lipo, $4.70ea (get at least 3) say $15

Delivery of plane and batteries ex NSW warehouse ~$14.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver $23

Battery charger - $6
(note: this'll overcharge the little 500mAHr batteries, a better charger runs ~$30-$40)

shipping from Honk Kong for Radio and Charger ~$14

That's a total of ~$132(US) for everything.

I'd suggest spending a few extra bucks too:

Spare servos - $3
These are a bit of a weak spot in the plane. Especially the elevator one.

The camera I used ~$13 and a memory card @$5.60 (I used two of them for this footage, one velcroed on to of the plane, and one velcroed to my cap brim).

Your opinion please

Collected data available on Google Docs here.

2010 - Sydney's Summer Of Coffee

Is it too early to claim this is going to be Sydney's Summer of Coffee?
There's Single Origin's new Sideshow:
Single Origin Roasters

Campo's new Don Campos in Alexandria:
Don Campos
(who sadly lost their GB5 to some thieving scumbag lowlife after being open for only two days!)

Emily and Dan at AIR have a new retail space/cafe opening:

Mecca is opening a new cafe in Ultimo in a few weeks. (I am suposed to know aout that, right?)

It might only be my little insular #innerwestcoffeemafia view of "Sydney's Coffee Scene", but I'm excited!

A Flickr Slideshow

(Yeah, some pretty ordinary photos there, I shot these mainly to remind myself of some of the music I've seen lately...)

Beautiful Asian Interior Design

beautiful Asian decor
I'd love a lounge room with Asian inspired decor like this!
(full disclosure, Pip's new Asian interior design and decoration site is a new project at work...)



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