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Mini Swift RC plane

Plane - MiniSwift $60

Batteries - 500mAHr Lipo, $4.70ea (get at least 3) say $15

Delivery of plane and batteries ex NSW warehouse ~$14.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver $23

Battery charger - $6
(note: this'll overcharge the little 500mAHr batteries, a better charger runs ~$30-$40)

shipping from Honk Kong for Radio and Charger ~$14

That's a total of ~$132(US) for everything.

I'd suggest spending a few extra bucks too:

Spare servos - $3
These are a bit of a weak spot in the plane. Especially the elevator one.

The camera I used ~$13 and a memory card @$5.60 (I used two of them for this footage, one velcroed on to of the plane, and one velcroed to my cap brim).