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Honda Spada

[img_assist|nid=20|title=Honda Spada|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=100|height=69]I have a 1990 Honda VT250L Spada. Its my second Spada, my first I bought from a good friend in early 1999 with ~40,000km on it, and it lasted until early 2004 when it got mown down by a dopey HiAce van driver early one morning while it was parked outside Kuletos in King St (Thats in Newtown, Sydney). It had ~190,000km on it at the time (to tell the truth though, it got a replacement 2nd hand motor at about 120,000km after an incident involving turn 9 at Eastern Creek, a couple of downshifts done way too early, and a brief appearance of something like 18,000rpm on the tacho...).

My current Spada is yellow, but thats going to change one of these days - the yellow Spadas have white wheels which are impossible to keep looking even vaguely clean. The red and black colour schemes both came with gold wheels - one of these days the new spada will become red or black...