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Sydney Roads

Shorter and in-city roads:

  • McCarrs Creek Road (google map) - Terrey Hills to Mona Vale, 11 odd km of tree lined twisty road. No National Park tolls for this road.
  • Comenara Parkway - runs from Thornleigh to West Pymble in the north of Sydney, nice and twisty in sections with some fun elevation changes, I often use this road on my way to and from The Old Road.
  • Old South Head Road - Rushcutters Bay out to South Head. Probably the closest bit of reasonable length "fun" road to the city. It's got Kings Cross and it's associated cafes, bars, and other attractions and one end, and the Watsons Bay Hotel at the other.
  • Henley Marine Drive - commonly known as "The Bay Run", this runs from Birkenhead Point to Haberfield - nice curves, lots of view (both of the road ahead and picturesque views of both the bay and the people exercising around it). There's the car park of the sailing club in the middle which is a nice place to stop and chat.
  • Kuringai Chase National Park - the "long way round" for McCarrs Creek Road - the road surface isn't in particularly good condition, but it's a nice, if somewhat bumpy run. West Head Road runs out to a lookout with a great view of Pittwater and Palm Beach. National Park usage fees apply for this road.
  • Bobbin Head National Park - this is the west edge of the Kuringai Chase National Park, a fun road that runs from Waroongah to Mt Colah. National Park usage fees apply for this road.

Longer out of town roads:

  • The Old Road - aka The Old Pacific Highway, this road shadows the newer F1 freeway. Its got police, curves, police, elevation changes, police, cafes, police, pushbikes, and police on it. Misbehave at your own risk, especially on weekends...
  • The Putty Road - Windsor to Singleton. ~200km of the most fun you can have on a bike! Long sweeping sections followed by tight twisty sections followed by wide open sweeping sections - repeat for an entire tank of fuel... (Speaking of which, it's something like 180km from Wilberforce to Singleton with the only fuel available in between at The Halfway House, who's tanks I'd prefer not to trust to deliver good clean fuel into my bike. VTR1000 riders and other with short fuel ranges will want to make sure they're full at Wilberforce and Singelton... You ZZR1200 and VFR800 riders will probably be fine of you last filled up in NSW somewhere, right?)
  • Bells Line Of Road - Windsor to Lithgow (or to Mt Victoria if you trun left near the west end and run down Darling Causeway)
  • The Royal National Park - Sutherland to Stanwell Park, and the gateway from Sydney to the roads of the Illawarra...
  • Macquarie Pass - Albion Park to Robertson - the top (west) end leads to Kangaroo Valley and Golburn via Moss Vale. This road is becoming much more heavily policed due to way too many riders (and drivers) not taking sufficient careon the tight and twisty curves of the Pass.